What's In Your Crayons?

What's In Your Crayons?

What's in your crayons? Have you ever wondered? 

Most likely they are made primarily with the petroleum by-product, paraffin wax.

According to The Crayon Initiative:

"Traditional crayons are sticks of paraffin wax, which is a by-product of petroleum or crude oil. Paraffin wax, colored pigments, and often other byproducts, are combined to make crayons. This wax is NOT biodegradable."

The Crayone initiative continues to argue that sure, they can breakdown over a long period of time with the help of bacteria, but to make that process work it needs exposure to air, which most of our landfills, generally do not have as garbage is piled onto garbage.

What is one to do? The Crayon Initiative is an organization that collects extra crayons as well as leftover, broken stubs and melts it down to reuse them. That is all well and good in terms of the "re-use, recycle" part of the 3 Rs. 

Still, wouldn't it be better to "reduce" - or better yet, eliminate altogether? 

That is why we are so happy to be distributing Honeysticks. One of the very few 100% beeswax crayons on the market. Honeysticks crayons are sustainably produced with beeswax and food grade pigments. Even their packaging reflects this commitment to the environment.

Not only are these crayons made in a sustainable manner, they are also great crayons! They write/color smoothly along the paper, with vibrant colors. Oh, and yes, they DO have a beeswax scent.

Honeysticks are available in three sizes. "Originals" (short and stubby for 1-3 year olds), "Longs" (equally thick but longer, for children 3+), and "Thins" which are the more traditional thin and long crayons for ages 4+.

Honeysticks are produced in New Zealand, so we are so fortunate to be able to offer them to you domestically, here in the USA, and so fortunate to be able to offer them to our wholesale customer as well as individuals.

Honeysticks Originals


Ready to take the leap? Say goodbye to paraffin crayons, and hello to the natural crayons that speak to your soul. Shop Now!


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