In Praise of Working Moms

In Praise of Working Moms

Today is "Working Mom's Day." It is a day to recognize that in addition to the many roles Moms play both inside and outside of the home.

Whether working full-time in the home, and perhaps the community, or adding onto that load a "paying-job" inside or outside of the home, today's Moms are incredibly versatile and committed to making a difference for their family.

It isn't always perfect, but your love and commitment to your family show through. Here is a poem we created especially for you:

Ode to the Working Mother

Amidst the chaos of daily life,
The working mom stands tall and strong,
Balancing tasks and endless strife,
Her spirit never yielding to wrong.

Her days are filled with countless chores,
From dawn until the setting sun,
She juggles work and family, and more,
With love and grace, never undone.

She strives to raise her children right,
To teach them kindness, truth, and love,
To be aware of wrong and right,
And to seek guidance from above.

She knows the weight of her sacrifice,
Of time, of energy, and more,
But still she perseveres, with grace,
Through every trial and storm.

And so we honor the working mom,
Who gives her all, day by day,
Who guides her children with a steady hand,
And shapes the future in her own way.

May we learn from her example true,
To balance life's demands with grace,
And to raise our children with love anew,
As we journey on life's busy race.


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