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Chelona Wooden Pocket Puzzle - Horse

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Horse Fun Fact: People have traditionally thought that horses are color blind.  They're not.  However, they are better at seeing yellow and greens more than violets and purples (read more).  It's nice to know that they would be able to see the different colors of horses in this puzzle and in real life, not to mention the myriad of colors in nature.

The 9 wooden tiles are put in a 3x3 configuration to solve the puzzle.  Comes with a base piece with a red cord that holds the tiles together for storage.  Read more about the pocket puzzles on our blog.

  • Each wooden tile is 2 1/4" x 2 1/4".
  • Suitable for 5+.
  • Materials: Wood
  • Size: Puzzle Size 6.75x6.75"