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Organic Cotton Wash Mitt Puppets - Pig

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Fun Fact!  Contrary to how many people feel about pigs, they are very clean animals.

This makes the pig a very appropriate style of wash mitt puppet, especially one made from 100% organic cotton, certified free from any harmful substances.  This is one of the "cleanest" pigs around, and it will help your child enjoy cleaning themselves up in the bathtub too!

Available in two sizes, these washcloth puppets are made with just the right type of cotton so it isn't so thin to feel cheap, and not so thick to be too soppy once wet. 

  • Size: 4 x 6" (small) / 6 x 9" (large)
  • Materials: Organic Certified Cotton (100%) Terrycloth
  • Mouth opens like a regular puppet
  • Made in Croatia