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Stockmar Block Crayons in Wooden Box 16 Colors

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Set of 16 Stockmar block crayons, in a wooden storage box.

Stockmar crayons are made with beeswax and safe color-fast pigments which allows for effects not possible with regular crayons.

For example, the natural transparency of the beeswax allows for a layering effect, while the transparency of the colors facilitates greater mixing of colors. 

Stockmar crayons will not smear or run.  They can be used on most surfaces including parchment, cellophane, wood, fabric, metal, and glass. 

Block crayons are easily held by small hands. They also offer options for coloring - use the corner for a fine point, or use the long edge for sweeping broad strokes of color.

  • Comes in a wooden case for long-term storage
  •  Includes 12 Standard Colors: carmine red, vermilion, orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, ultramarine, blue violet, red violet, rust, yellow-brown,  black, white
  • Meets US & European Toy Safety Regulations as well as Food Safety Regulations
  • Made in Germany