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Senger Organic Cotton Sheep with Grape Seed for Warming

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 There is an illusion that a sheep would be a nice animal to cuddle up with, but the reality is far from the truth. Where does this illusion come from? Probably partly because so many of the warm and cuddly things we enjoy are made with natural sheep's wool. Another reason would be the warm and cuddly stuffed animals that are often sheep. This little lamb is no exception, particularly as it can be warmed to give extra comfort on a cold night, or to a child fighting illness.

The grape seed filling is found in an inner, removable bag that can be warmed in the oven, on a radiator, or microwave.  Perfect for cold nights, or when feeling under the weather.  Children will love to cuddle up to this friendly, soft lamb.  

The grape seed pouch can also be cooled in the freezer to give the lame a cooling effect.

The organic cotton sheep is lovingly sewn in Germany. Their bodies are carefully stuffed with, well, sheep's wool, that, well, perhaps was provided by a "friend" of theirs back on the farm.

We carry only the best stuffed animals, and we think that you will find Senger animals to be up to the highest standards for your natural baby. 

  • All Ages
  • 100% Sustainably Harvested Organic Cotton
  • Includes a removable pouch of grape seeds for warming in the oven, on a radiator or microwave (low setting - not too long)
  • Approx 11"
  • Made in Germany