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Senger Organic Cotton Bunny Rabbit, Beige (2 Sizes)

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When I was 12 I visited a petting zoo at the local mall.  I remember petting a rabbit and loved how soft it was.  I always wanted to have one as a pet, but never had the opportunity. Rabbits are often thought of as good pets, but  here is something to consider before doing so.  Rabbits in the wild have lots of things going on. They have to forage for food, defend their territory, and much more.  Captive rabbits, quickly become bored, lacking stimulation, and this can lead to behavioral problems as well as deteriorating health.

A much better solution is to buy a child a stuffed rabbit...Not any stuffed rabbit of course, why not a rabbit that is as close to nature as possible?  No artificial materials, plastics, or chemicals.  

We love the 100% organic cotton rabbits from Senger in Germany.  They are hand made and filled with pure wool.  We love the attention that Senger gives to design, quality of materials, workmanship.  We think you will love Senger rabbits too!

Just as the rabbits in nearby fields come in all colors and sizes, we have two styles of rabbits for you to choose from (beige and white), with each available in two sizes.

The smaller size is 12" head to toe or 15" to the top of the ears.  The larger size is 15-16" or 20" to the top of the ears.

  • All Ages
  • 100% organic cotton, filled with pure wool
  • Made in Germany