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Senger Organic Cotton Bear, Large, White 16"

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It is a common misconception that bears hibernate in the winter.  Black, Brown, and Grizzly Bears actually go into a state of "torpor" which is a deep sleep but one which they can be awakened from if there is a loud noise or other disturbance. (learn more)

Senger bears have many similar qualities.  For instance, they are excellent sleepers and snugglers.  However, some people have reported that they have had a much better experience snuggling with our soft and warm Senger bears, than when they have tried to do the same with a Grizzly!

Still, it is true that Senger bears will sleep for as long as you let them, but if you beckon them, they will perk up and be ready to play.  Want to play hide and seek or play "goin' on a bear hunt?" - they will stay right where you put them until they are found! They also make great travel companions and do not get motion sickness in cars or on planes.  

We know that you will also love that they are made with 100% organic cotton and filled with pure wool.  They are handmade with love in Germany. When it comes to stuffed animals, we love the manufacturers we work with, and Senger is no exception.  We love their design, the quality of materials, and quality of sewing.  We think you will love Senger bears too!

We have three styles of bears for you to choose from (brown, beige, and white), with each available in three sizes.

  • All Ages
  • 100% Sustainably Harvested Organic Cotton
  • Filled with Pure Wool
  • Size - Large (16")
  • Made in Germany