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Nanchen Organic Doll - Sophie

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Sophie is a lovely doll for a very lucky child. 

Sophie is just over 16" tall. She comes with a hand-painted face, in typical "Waldorf" style.  The body is made with organic cotton with the body filled with KbT wool which is wool that is strictly controlled, for example, the pasture is not sprayed with pesticides, and there is no fertilizer used in the soil.

Sophie comes with a beautiful, removable, velour dress - so she is ready for any occasion.

We are sure your little ones will love this cuddle doll.

  • Organic Cotton filled with KbT Wool
  • Size 16" 
  • Ages 24 months+
  • Made in Germany

 About Nanchen:

Nanchen Dolls have been lovingly stitched in a small town just outside of Kassel, Germany, since 1983. The dolls are made from materials that are sourced from strictly organic cultivation and organic farming. The faces are individually hand-painted, giving each doll its own unique character.

In addition to being snuggly and cute, Nanchen dolls meet strict safety and environmental standards. 

In 2012 Nanchen was purchased from the original owners, by two enterprising young women (Janah von Buttlar and Juliane Krueger) who as children played with Nanchen dolls. We look forward to expanding the reach of these wonderful dolls to the American market.