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Magician Finger Puppet

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Can't resist offering a magician joke:

It was the first day of school and the teacher was asking the students about themselves.  She asked one boy about his parent's occupation.

He replied, "My Dad's a magician."

"That's fascinating," replied the Teacher.  "What's your favorite trick?"

"When he saws people in half!"

"Oh my! Do you have any brothers and sisters?"

"One half brother and two half sisters.”

Okay, so this magician can do many things but doesn't purport to saw anyone in half... But he can disappear and reappear just when needed.  He fits neatly in a purse, a pocket, or even a glove compartment.  What tricks can you make him do?

Just be warned, if he gets too upset, he just might "pull out his hare."

  • Cotton/poly blend fabric
  • Washable
  • Approx. 3" - 4"
  • Made by Furnis Puppets