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Haba: First Orchard Game

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If you ask our 4 year-old daughter to name her favorite game in our house and on this website, she wouldn't hesitate to say the Orchard game.  She received this for Christmas when she was 2-1/2 years old and just loves it!  She will play it over an over again with anyone willing to play.  And, I have to admit, for a game designed for 2-4 year olds, it actually is pretty fun for adults too.

It is a cooperative game, which means you are working together, not against each other. In this game players roll the die to collect the fruit from the trees before  the raven comes. The game is designed to nurture social skills, develop color (and fruit) recognition, and teach counting by ones.

The fruit pieces are large, designed for smaller hands, and included is one sturdy basket for children to share for a cooperative game. This set can be used as both a game (with game boards and die) and also as a pretend play set of solid, wooden fruit.

  • Ages: 24 Months+
  • Materials: Wood
  • Size: 9x9x3"
  • Made in Germany