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Alkena Natural Modelling Clay

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I can still remember playing with Plasticine when I was young.  I'm sure it wasn't the natural Plasticine made by Alkena in Switzerland, but I remember all of the fun things that I made with it.

Plasticine is especially popular these days because of its non-drying properties, which makes it a perfect medium for stop-motion animation.

Alkena Plasticine is a combination of natural beeswax, colored clay, and natural ceramic additives.

Benefits of Alkena Plasticine include smooth consistency, the ability to maintain its shape at room temperature, and the ability to be worked on and cut using modelling tools.

Please note that the clay can be very stiff at first and recommended for older children with adult supervision.

Available in three earthy tones.

  • Ages 5+
  • Packaging: Cardboard box
  • Size: 7.05 oz (200g)
  • Made in Switzerland