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Frida Mouse Puppet

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Do mice really like cheese?  Actually, mice will eat almost any food that is left around, although if are trying to (humanely of course!) catch a mouse, you might have better luck with something sweeter like grains or fruits. Perhaps a nice course of crackers and cheese with some grapes on the side?

Well, Frida mouse is a simple mouse.  She is perfectly happy with a little slice of swiss cheese.  She is very personable and not afraid of humans.  She will eat the cheese right out of hour hand if you let (direct) her to.

Furnis hand puppets are irresistible and such a great price! Each one has a unique personality and is very "child friendly".

  • Includes Mouse Hand Puppet and attached cheese.
  • Materials: Soft Cotton Poly -- feels like suede
  • Washable
  • Size: 9.25 x 9.25"
  • Made in China