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Duck Duck Puppet

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Ducks are famously known as generalists - they walk a little, swim a little, and fly a little, but are none too good at any one of them.  Still, you might ask how high can a duck fly? Normally between 200-4000 feet.  However, an airplane in Nevada reportedly struck a duck at 21,000 feet, which is the highest recorded elevation recorded for a flying duck.

These ducklings haven't learned how to fly even a few feet yet.  They are very content in their pond.  If you play with them, they can tell duck stories, jokes, or pretend to sleep, among many other things.

It is rare that ducks are as cuddly as these three ducks.  They are made with a poly/cotton blend that is so soft you might think it's suede. 

  • Includes Three Ducks Hand Puppet and Pond with attached flower. 
  • Materials: Soft Cotton Poly
  • Washable
  • Ages 3+
  • Size: 10.75 x 8"
  • Made in China