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Clutching Toy Whirlygig by Haba

$ 14.99

Colorful baby clutching toy featuring movable wooden elements (secured by a strong, durable elastic), and a jingling bell in the middle.  Designed to develop clutching and grasping dexterity Ages: 6+ months Materials: Beech wood, non toxic water based stain Size 3-1/2 diameter x 2" deep. Made in Germany    

Cordoba Blocks by Haba

$ 46.99

Young children are drawn to stacking and building from an early age.  It is also a very important activity as they develop spatial reasoning, learn about gravity, and manual dexterity. This colorful Cordoba Block system by Haba is a fun way for children to create whimsical castles, and villages. Ages: 1-2...

Haba Triangle Clutching Toy

$ 12.99

Another classic Haba baby toy!  The colorful Triangle Clutching Toy consists of two intertwined triangles with that can be stretched and manipulated. When the pieces are knocked together they make a soft rattling sound. Ages: 0-12 Months Materials: Beech Wood. Non toxic, water based stain Size: 3-1/4 x 3-1/2 x 3-1/4"...

Kiosk by Haba

$ 769.00

This Kiosk by Haba is a perfect combination of kitchen, shop, restaurant, and more. Includes a working space with printed grill and hotplates on top, and a stove that opens. The refrigerator has two shelves. All other accessories are sold separately. This market stand is both attractive and very durable.  It...

Fantasy Blocks by Haba

$ 44.99

Stacking and building is an essential part of early childhood development.  It aids in the development of a child's spatial reasoning, manual dexterity, and understanding of math concepts, imagination, self esteem, and more.  NAEYC has written about the importance of block play in early childhood here. This colorful Fantasy Block system by...

Animal upon Animal Game by Haba

$ 19.95

Love Jenga?  You will love this Animal upon Animal game by Haba too! Players try to be the first to place all their animals on the stack of animals, before anyone else.  Or play cooperatively, and see how high you can stack the animals. The game helps develop patience, coordination,...

Haba Basic Building Blocks Starter Set (60 pcs)

$ 99.99

Blocks have be proven to help children learn spatial reasoning.  Additionally they and help cultivate creativity and a healthy imagination. Learning through play is a basic concept that is a constant throughout the four major educational approaches that we are familiar with (Froebel, Waldorf or Steiner, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia)....

Wooden "Favorit" Chair by Haba

$ 199.00

The "Favorit" Chair, by Haba, is our best selling chair, and is built for comfort, stability and durability. It is made from sturdy, solid beech wood with design offering maximum stability. The waterfall designed seat creates a rounded edge that doesn't pinch legs. The hidden hardware ensures smooth surfaces and...

Adventure Cave By Haba - Small

$ 2,495.00

The Adventure Cave can be almost anything a child wants it to be! A cozy nook to read or relax, a hiding place, a cave full of treasure, a rocket ship!   Fabric front, Roof Element, and Mat sold separately. Size: 47 1/4" W x 49 3/4" H x 47 1/4" D...

Haba Color Snake Rattle Clutching Toy

$ 13.50

Haba's Color Snake Clutching Toy is an engaging toy that will keep your child engaged as they tug, pull, and manipulate it into many different shapes.  The brightly colored wooden pieces are securely threaded on an elastic band and and can be teethed on as well as manipulated. Ages: 0-12...