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George Elephant Puppet by Furnis

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Pop quiz! What is the only mammal that cannot jump? (hint - this is an elephant puppet product page).  Of course! The elephant! Still what they lack in jumping ability they make up as swimmers.  Did you know that an elephant will use his trunk as a snorkel?
Probably best to keep this elephant out of water (unless it is time to be washed), but the great thing is - in the right hands - he can definitely jump!  Watch him jump over chairs, lego sky scrapers, doll houses, and anything else you can move your hand over!
This elephant also comes with a friendly raven finger puppet which is attached by a yarn like string.  
  • Includes Elephant Hand Puppet with attached Raven Finger Puppet
  • Materials: Soft Cotton/Poly ---feels like suede
  • Washable
  • Size: 7.5 x 10.25"
  • Made in China