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Cuddle Boyo (4)

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Cuddle, blankie, comfortor, doudou - these are all words to describe the most important doll in your child's life.  Keptin-Jr has been making such dolls since before the "turn of the century."  

The dolls made by Keptin-Jr are not only adorable and made just right for babies and toddlers, they are also made from the very best materials.   This doll for instance is not only made with organic cotton, the cotton is "color grown cotton" which means that the color comes from the cotton itself, and not dyes.

As is the case with many of Keptin-Jr's dolls, this one has a knotted hat that is designed for grasping, chewing, and teething. 

  • 100% organic, color grown cotton (no dyes).
  • Ages 9-18 months
  • 10" long
  • Made in Lithuania