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Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute

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Choroi is a Swedish instrument manufacturer, known for its string, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Located in Järna, Sweden, Choroi instruments are well-known and beloved to Waldorf (or Steiner) educators and play an intricate role in a Waldorf classroom.

Choroi flutes have a characteristic warm, light, flexible tone. Many have noted that the tone of a Choroi flute is more like a voice than an instrument - when compared to traditional instruments.  The unique tone quality that is produced leads to a free and light out-breathing as opposed to active blowing.

The Quinta Pentatonic Flute is a relatively new design, made especially for children and groups.  The new design avoids the need for a tone block, giving it a slightly stronger tone than flutes with a tone block.  Not having the tone block keeps things simple and low maintenance.

  • Pear or Cherry Wood
  • Range: d''-e''-g''-a''-b''-d'''-e'''
  • Included: flute, wooden cleaning swab, cotton flute bag
  • Made in Sweden
All flutes are treated exclusively with linseed oil.