Meet Blue Otter Toys!

Meet Blue Otter Toys!

Meet the newest member of the Challenge & Fun family, Blue Otter Toys! At Blue Otter Toys you’ll find everything you’re used to seeing at Challenge & Fun and LOTS more! You'll find playsilks, furniture, books, playstands, craft kits, fairy houses and we're adding more every day! While you can continue to shop at Challenge & Fun, we encourage you to explore Blue Otter Toys where we have a wider range of products and exciting discounts and rewards for new customers!!

Why Choose Blue Otter Toys?

Creating Blue Otter Toys gives us the room to offer your family a wider selection of products that align with the same values we’ve always held at Challenge & Fun, plus unique features that we hope you love:

Wider Selection:

You’ll find books, play silks, dolls, furniture and more!

Shareable wishlists:

Create a wishlist (and get rewarded with a discount when you do!), tuck gift ideas away for later, or share it with Grandma (and get rewarded again!)

Generous Rewards Program:

Yep, we’re all about saying thanks for loving and sharing Blue Otter Toys! Right now it’s really easy to rack up "Sand Dollars" and cash them in for discounts on beautiful, natural toys!

We LOVE seeing your families enjoying their Blue Otter Toys products. When you tag #blueottertoys on Facebook and Instagram you’re automatically entered into our monthly giveaway! It’s our way of saying thank you!

Enjoy the same values you’ve come to trust from Challenge & Fun:

  • Quality: we only carry the best of the best: toys and products made to last, of quality, natural materials, that can be handed down for years to come.
  • Safety: everything we carry is natural, non-toxic, ethically made and, when possible, organic and European or US made. 
  • Beauty: We believe in the power of beauty to profoundly impact a child’s senses and view of the world. 
  • Creativity: We value open-ended toys that invite the child to explore, engage and imagine. 
  • Family: we are a small, family-run company. We care about our customers and the connections we make. 

When you shop at Blue Otter Toys you can trust that we have done the research, we have weighed the options, and have ultimately chosen the very best products for your child. We hope they bring you a world of joy!

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